Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cable Lockout

Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cable Lockout

Jul 12, 2017

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of Cable Lockout
With the progress of the times, the previous lock has been replaced by a Cable Lockout, Cable Lockout is a password input to control the circuit or chip work, thus controlling the mechanical switch closed, complete the lock, lock the task of electronic products. It is a lot of types, there are simple circuit products, but also based on the chip cost-effective products. Application of a wider Cable Lockout is based on the chip, through programming to achieve. The rapid development of electronic technology has revolutionized the world. Today, together with the decoration network Xiaobian to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Cable Lockout.
What are he advantages of Cable Lockouting?
1, good confidentiality. The amount of coding, far greater than the ball lock. Random unlocking success rate is almost zero.
2, the password is variable. Users can often change the password to prevent the password stolen, but also to avoid the replacement of personnel leaving the lock level down.
3, the wrong input protection. When the password is entered multiple times, the alarm system starts automatically.
4. The Cable Lockout operation is simple and easy.
5, interference code function: Enter the correct password before you enter any code.
6, security features: If the wrong input 4 times the password will automatically power off for 3 minutes.
7, emergency opening function (PanicOpen): out of the need for other operations, just once the handle action, the machine can open the door, so the fire and other emergency situations are also rapid and safe to open the door.
8, intrusion sensing function: locked in the state of the door, it was broken into the time, will issue a strong alarm sound.
9, fire alarm function: in the room if the temperature reaches 75 ° or so, will issue a strong alarm sound, while the lock will automatically open.
10, double lock function: external mandatory lock: can not be opened in the internal, apply to go out, to prevent someone from intrusion. Internal forced lock: can not be opened on the outside, so you at home more peace of mind, safe.
11, weak reminder When the battery is low, start the door, there will be wonderful music prompts you to replace the battery in time.
12, automatic locking function: the use of automatic lock cylinder, door closed within 6 seconds after the automatic lock, go out more secure.
13, the external display function: When the password input error, the tongue is not locked in place, indoor lock, weak, etc., the external tips
What are the shortcomings of Cable Lockout?
But the Cable Lockout also has its own can not avoid the shortcomings, one is complicated, because the lock itself is a mechanical jamming mechanism, and ultimately rely on mechanical action to complete. And the electronic lock must complete the mechanical action (operation) - electronic conversion and electronic control - the mechanical implementation of this series of processes. Is obviously more complicated. Second, the probability of failure is relatively high, more than one electronic devices, a complex. Will inevitably increase the probability of failure, coupled with electronic devices afraid of wet, afraid of strong magnetic, fear of strong shock, so that it has certain requirements on the use of the environment. In contrast, mechanical locks do not have to worry about these issues.