Isolate The Latching Content

Isolate The Latching Content

Jan 07, 2020

Isolate the latching content

Electrical isolation, the following should be noted in the electrical isolation:

Ensure isolation from all power sources;

After isolation, it is confirmed that the machine is shut down and grounded (if possible);

Energy storage equipment to discharge;

Use insulated MATS, tape and tools for protection;

Use appropriate testing equipment for testing confirmation;

Consider the effects of adjacent devices.

Operation isolation, that is, sealing off the energy flow in the construction operation area to ensure the safety of personnel in the operation area.

The assignments involved in isolation are:

Isolation and latching items required in the work instruction or construction plan;

Construction work requiring energy isolation.

Fault isolation refers to the isolation, identification and locking of faulty equipment or valves to prevent misoperation and accidents.

The isolation involved is:

Valves or switches in abnormal operation, failure or leakage;

Unsafe to use, function is not normal equipment machinery.

Renovation and expansion projects, inspection, maintenance and construction projects shall be carried out in strict accordance with the administrative provisions.

Effective isolation measures shall be taken for operating equipment related to renovation, expansion, inspection, maintenance and other construction projects. Access to cable ditches, ditches and Wells of the sewer system must be tightly sealed; In the construction isolation zone, all production-related equipment, valves, pipelines, etc., are clearly prohibited to use warning signs.

Where the construction operation is conducted in the running equipment area, but the area isolation cannot be implemented, the operation unit and the construction unit must jointly formulate safety measures and construction plans, which shall be implemented one by one after being signed and approved by the safety management departments and competent leaders of both parties, and shall be checked and confirmed.

Locking of scaffold, ladder and work platform, scaffold, ladder and work platform are not allowed to climb without permission at ordinary times, in the scaffold, ladder and work platform entrance should be hung a sign not to climb, lock at the same time, to prevent people to climb.

The lockout management of computer equipment and temporary electricity consumption shall be implemented in accordance with the safety work regulations for electric power construction (part of substation), safety technical specifications for temporary electricity consumption at construction sites and other relevant provisions of higher authorities.

The lockout management of construction machinery and tools shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of "administrative measures for construction machinery and tools of guangxi power grid corporation".

Isolated latching operation procedure