Isolated Latching Operation Procedure

Isolated Latching Operation Procedure

Jan 09, 2020

Isolated latching operation procedure

1. Implementation of safety measures

The project manager shall review and approve the isolation plan of the construction area, and organize the acceptance of the isolation measures after they are completed. The person in charge of construction, site safety manager and construction personnel shall jointly confirm the construction scope, operation objects and restrictions, and implement safety measures item by item.

Work permit. Issue operating license according to administrative authority.

Security changes.

End of work.


Check whether the field operation rules are complete.

Check whether the isolation and latching system is in normal condition.

Spot check whether the isolation latching system is used correctly.

To prevent injury to employees due to unexpected sudden energization/startup of equipment or process or release of residual energy

Such as:

Employee cooperation error caused by false start injuries

Residual compressed gas causes mechanical injuries

Material from high places contains energy, and accidental falls can hurt people


Employees/contractors/visitors working in p&g

Applicable (but not limited to) :

Perform safety/repair/commissioning/inspection/maintenance/cleaning/obstacle removal activities on equipment or process