Isolating Device

Isolating Device

Nov 28, 2019

Isolating device

A mechanical device that prevents the transfer or release of dangerous energy and materials. This includes circuit disconnecting switches, power or safety switches, pipe valves, blind plates, mechanical obstructions or similar devices used to block or isolate energy.

Safety lock

An appliance used to lock the isolation device.

Locking facilities

Ensure that the auxiliary facilities can be locked. Such as: lock, valve lock sleeve, chain, etc.

Danger sign

A sign indicating who, when and why is locked and placed on a security lock or isolation point.


Verify the effectiveness of the isolation of the system or device (e.g. verify that the interlocking device or other impediments to isolation have been removed),

Lockout tagout

Locking refers to the process in which operators control dangerous energy by locking themselves according to procedures during equipment and facilities inspection, maintenance and disassembly.

A shingle is a sign placed on an energy-isolating device to indicate that the device is in a controlled state and is not operable until the shingle is removed.

Duties and responsibilities

The company's equipment department is responsible for organizing the formulation and maintenance of this code, and responsible for Lockout tagout management and assessment.

The quality, safety and environmental protection department of the company shall provide supervision, consultation and support for the implementation of this code.

Each unit is responsible for the management and implementation of Lockout tagout procedure within the scope of business, and provides resource guarantee.