Isolation Device Requirements - Porous Lock Clamps

Isolation Device Requirements - Porous Lock Clamps

Dec 21, 2019

Isolation device requirements - porous lock clamps

If there's a lock on it, take it off

If used on isolation points, the device lock must be hung

Isolation equipment requirements - group isolation panels

Unique identification

There are compartments for storing isolated documents

There is room for group locks

There are bars for personal locks

Latchable transparent compartment to hold device lock keys

Group and individual locks must lock the device lock compartment

Can be identified or identified as "not enabled"

Isolation device requirements - standards for isolation point labels and locks

Permanently and uniquely identify tags

Clearly show the isolation point status


A single point of isolation

Obtain permission; Make sure the isolation point covers the equipment to work; Ensure correct isolation points are identified; Follow isolation procedures if necessary; Verification isolation; Hang device lock and multi-hole lock clamp; Put the device lock in a safe place; Notify the person concerned that isolation is complete and where the padlock is located.

Single point isolation requirement - remote validation

If you want to perform validation away from the isolation point, hang the device lock directly on the isolation point and then do the validation.

Once verification is complete, the hole lock clamp is replaced

Single point isolation requirement - unisolation

All personal locks must be removed; If the work is not finished, put on the warning label. All personnel must be removed from the quarantined area; Isolation personnel must: check the control mechanism in the required position; Verify that the release is safe; Get permission if necessary; Remove the device lock and return the isolation point to normal operation.

Isolation personnel are required to operate alone

Follow the single-point isolation steps; If there is no porous lock clamp, attach the personal lock directly to the isolation point;