Issue Of Work Permit-Lockout Tagout

Issue Of Work Permit-Lockout Tagout

Jan 09, 2021

Issue of work permit

Work permits need to have a unique identification number, which can be a string of numbers containing the date and time, etc. Any additional special work permits will share the same identification number.

The work permit needs to be fully filled out and is not valid until it is signed by the issuer, coordinator (if applicable), regional approver or job acceptor. If more than one function is involved, each function must sign the license and confirm that it understands all the items in the license.

Before issuing a zone permit, the zone approver must assess whether there are no or no other activities in the zone that will affect the work and that all precautions and checks are in place before the work can begin. Only if safety is ensured can the regional approver issue a work permit and hand it over to the job acceptor to begin work.

At least two work permits, or better yet three, shall be issued and distributed among the issuer, the recipient and the area responsible person.

Work permits need to be provided and interpreted for the relevant staff. No one can start work without understanding the basic contents of the work permit.

Work permits should be clearly displayed on site at all times. The permit should also be displayed in the central control room or in the field control room to inform shift personnel that dangerous work is being done. If the work permit exceeds the time of shift change, there should be a shift transition procedure in place to ensure that the next shift is aware of the hazardous work being performed and its current status. It may be necessary to carry out safety checks on the workplace on a real-time basis prior to the continuation of the work required by this permit.

Addition or modification to a valid license may take place if and only if all attachments have been amended, signed, and distributed.

The issuer and recipient of a work permit cannot be the same person.