It Is Also Important To Choose A Valve Lockout

It Is Also Important To Choose A Valve Lockout

Sep 05, 2017

It is also important to choose a Valve Lockout
  Valve Lockout the existence of the meaning of the external Valve Lockout, the formation of a line of defense, to protect the family safe, but the inside is to open the Valve Lockout, to provide a simple way to open, to facilitate family access. Because of this, open the Valve Lockout on the smart fingerprint password Valve Lockout is also very important, of course, open the Valve Lockout or door Valve Lockout to enhance the importance of important performance, in principle, open the Valve Lockout more than a few, we have more choices, Fingerprint password Valve Lockout convenience is also higher, here we briefly introduce several.
  Identification of the valve to open the lock, there are fingerprints, iris, face, refers to the vein and several other ways, their common point is through the authentication to open the Valve Lockout. In general, this approach is more reliable security, is the most commonly used to open the Valve Lockout the way, but also the vast majority of smart valve on the market lock the standard.
    Password to open the Valve Lockout, the password to open the Valve Lockout is also the standard lock of the domestic smart valve, intelligent door Valve Lockout is also an important way to open the Valve Lockout. The actual input password is usually 6, but some smart Valve Lockout with a virtual password and floating password combination of the way, its security is the security level of the bank.
   Remote Valve Lockout, mobile phone control is one of the main features of the smart Valve Lockout, remote open Valve Lockout on the market there are two modes, one is through the APP remote control directly open the Valve Lockout, the other is through the APP remote settings and send Temporary password to assist in the way to achieve remote open Valve Lockout. The first model seems more convenient, but in reality there are security risks, mobile phones or home router is cracked, it is possible to directly lock the door valve in the open Valve Lockout state. The second way even if the phone is controlled by others, but also need another person in front with the input password to open the door Valve Lockout, relatively speaking, higher security, lower power consumption.
   Card open Valve Lockout, is the credit card, which is most of the smart Valve Lockout one of the standard features, this approach is more suitable for the use of fingerprint and password function of the elderly, can be divided into two kinds: one is dedicated card Kind of form, can only use this card; the second is the life of the card, set the form through the phone binding, such as ID cards, bus cards, bank cards and so on.
  Combination of open Valve Lockout, the combination of open Valve Lockout is a kind of insurance to open the Valve Lockout mode, that is, through a few open Valve Lockout way to finally open. Obviously, the advantage is very safe, generally this function in the family with less, in the banks and warehouses and other occasions have useless. Other open Valve Lockout, in addition to the above several, there are some more unique way to open the Valve Lockout, such as the traditional key to open the Valve Lockout, remote control to open the Valve Lockout, the phone voice open Valve Lockout, face open Valve Lockout and so on.
 According to the Valve Lockout level from low to high divided into A, B two. It is worth mentioning that this specification is developed when the mechanical Valve Lockout specification GA / T 73-1994 is developed in 1994, when the mechanical Valve Lockout only A, B two grades. The Ministry of Public Security has launched the "mechanical Valve Lockout" norms of the 2015 edition, 2015 version appeared A, B, C three grades of new classification. So strictly speaking, the mechanical Valve Lockout is A, B, C three levels, and the Valve Lockout only A, B two grades. Moreover, the Valve Lockout the specification of a total of 15 mentioned different levels of technical requirements, but the fingerprint lock specification only 5.
 If the Valve Lockout can only rely on fingerprints, then the security is really great. Fingerprint recognition has been developed to be a live fingerprint, and not intended to copy fingerprints can not be copied fingerprints. If you can open the fingerprint lock fingerprint film, you need to press the fingers at least 3 minutes in the mold to copy out, we stay in the fingerprints of life can only be forensic evidence, can not be copied, and in the Wo smart lock Technology needs to live fingerprints can start, copy is no effect!