Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

Jan 07, 2021

Job evaluation

To visit

Prior to the issue of a work permit, the applicant and issuer (or principal) of the work permit must go to the site of the work to be performed and, depending on the type of work, the recipient of the work should also participate in the on-site inspection.

Hazard determination and corresponding preventive measures

Issuers and recipients visit the work site to identify potential hazards and determine whether a work permit is required. In cases of uncertainty, a work permit is always required.

Work permit preparation

The work needs to be clearly and completely described so that anyone can identify all the work tasks to be performed in a given area. A work permit can only correspond to work on a specified device.

An expiry date must be set when a work permit is issued. The term of validity expires in the following circumstances

The specified work has been completed (with the consent of the issuer and the recipient).

Must work outside the scope defined in the original work permit.

Changes have occurred that invalidate the original risk assessment.

The expiry date of the work permit has been exceeded. If the work is not completed, the current status of the equipment shall be recorded on the work permit prior to return to the issuing authority.

In general, the work permit should be renewed at least daily or preferably before each shift. The validity period of a work permit issued cannot be extended. Prior to the renewal of a work permit, an on-site status assessment should be conducted to identify and adequately address changes related to the original work permit.