Know About Safety Padlock

Know About Safety Padlock

Feb 16, 2019

Key words related to safety locks: energy isolation, locking tags, dangerous power source isolation

Difference between safety padlocks and ordinary locks:

1. Different purposes: most common locks are designed to prevent theft, while the purpose of safety locks is to warn of dangerous sources of power under normal circumstances, to prevent misoperation and accidental opening, and to deal with emergencies (forced opening) with the consent of the management in case of emergency. It is similar to the emergency start button of the safety door in the bullet train and the fire equipment lock in the mall.

2. Different design: all locks have warning slogans and warning colors (red and yellow)

3. Different fields: anti-theft locks belong to hardware, while safety padlocks belong to safety protection and occupational safety

4. Different applications: common locks are used in household goods and industry, but safety locks are mainly used in industrial production.