Latest Energy Isolation Basics

Latest energy isolation basics

An overview of the energy isolation code

Provides the basis for authentication of roles in isolation

Certification: 1. You must complete a practice certification before you can perform any isolation. 2. The operational practice assessment will require you to demonstrate competence in a particular isolation role

Principles of isolation systems

All isolation must include a verification process to ensure that the energy is controlled or removed

An approved isolation lock must be used to lock the isolation point in a secure location

All isolation must follow isolation locking procedures or procedures

The code of isolation must be administered by committees and oversight groups

The responsibilities of those involved in the quarantine must be clearly defined

Authentication requirements for persons participating in isolation must be defined and enforced.

Commissioning of equipment must include the process of ensuring effective isolation.


A test or check to ensure that all energy is controlled or removed.

If validation cannot be implemented, work cannot continue until all required steps have been performed.

The verification steps include: confirming the identification of isolation point; Confirm the safe location of isolation point; Verify that all stored energy is released or controlled; Observe the change of energy state during isolation.

Responsibility - isolation team leader (coordinator)

Enable group isolation board responsibilities

Isolation coordination under the premise of following the isolation procedure for the work to be performed

If safety is not assured, stop working

Responsibility - isolate the witness

Check isolation process

Verify that all steps are performed

Assist isolation personnel or isolation team leader