Leakage And Electric Shock Accident

Leakage And Electric Shock Accident

Mar 07, 2020

Case : electric leakage and electric shock accident at the end of the wire


Lin and Chen, electricians on duty at the site of the second team of hydropower station 8, went to connect the power line at no.2 dam section of xiaodongjiang hydropower station. Way to tail water junction between the left guide wall and the dam section 2, the left guide wall of steel rail is used as the construction site temporary power supply line terminal pole, combined with the line or the wind shaking the wear, leading to the line end breakage leakage, the railings, pingyuan arms and legs, pull touch reinforcement of a loop, pingyuan shouted down immediately, Chen immediately to get rid of the power supply, artificial respiration, sent to the hospital, after rescue invalid death.

Cause of accident:

1. Direct cause: the wire hanging on the steel railing is damaged and leakage causes the steel railing to be charged; Lin had a poor sense of self-protection and did not wear labor protection articles. His feet were made of non-insulating mid-heel leather with iron nails. His trousers were rolled up above the knee and his sleeves were rolled up above the elbow.

2. Indirect reasons: insufficient protection and maintenance inspection of temporary power lines on the site, damaged and leakage of power lines, not timely found and dealt with. The on-site power line management is not good enough, the safety inspection is not enough, the hidden danger of line leakage is not found and dealt with timely; Illegal operation, Lin as on duty electrician, thought paralysis, did not wear insulating shoes to work.

Preventive measures:

1. Strengthen the regular inspection of power supply and line on the site, and timely deal with hidden dangers; The power line should be set up according to the regulations and be well grounded.

2. Conduct safety knowledge and skill education for electrical workers and strengthen safety measures; Electricians must wear protective equipment in accordance with the regulations before they can work.

3. Strengthen the knowledge education and technical training of emergency rescue after electric shock.