Lifting Equipment Case

Lifting equipment case

The production department issued a list of maintenance lifting equipment (traffic), at that time the safety management department explicitly stipulated that before maintenance must be listed, but two maintenance workers (electricians) safety awareness is weak, maintenance forgot to carry a safety warning board. One of the employees simply wrote a no-closing note, attached it to the power switch of the equipment being repaired, and began the repair. This station staff to use the car, close the switch, did not expect there are people inside...... I'm sure you're going to ask, isn't there a note against closing? Alas, summer workshop temperature is higher, station operation staff cooling with a strong landing fan, the original maintenance electrician posted warning note was blown off the fan, resulting in an accident caused by the staff closing!

When repairing the machine pump, we take the hang - tag without lock. Once a repairman in the repair pump, open coupling suddenly pump rotation, fortunately, did not hurt people, and then we took the soil method, as long as the maintenance of rotating equipment, the motor's wiring is directly disconnected.

One accident after another proves that the personnel lack of safety awareness, ignoring the sign lock often causes major safety accidents and to avoid the occurrence of accidents, dangerous energy isolation and the lock sign should be not only implemented, but also standardized implementation