Limited Space Lockout/tagout

Limited Space Lockout/tagout

May 25, 2020

Many enterprises have a simple and practical technique -- Lockout/tagout for limited space management, which further strengthens the limited space management measures and locks the "trap" of limited space.

What are the dangers of limited space?

1. It may belong to anoxic environment;

2. Combustible gas may exist;

3. Toxic and harmful media may exist.

Limited space is the biggest invisible killer of industry and trade enterprises, easy to be ignored by people, very dangerous! No matter the operator or the rescue personnel, they cannot feel the danger in the first time and cannot pay enough attention to it ideologically. As a result, they miss the best time to save themselves, and blind rescue will even lead to casualties.

Lockout/tagout strengthens the management of limited space, effectively reduces the risk of accidents in limited space, and makes limited space operations less capricious.

Because, to enter the limited space operation must first obtain the key;

To obtain the key must hold the limited space operation approval;

Who examination and approval, who is responsible for!

Therefore, the examination and approval should focus on:

1. Whether the operation procedures are in compliance: ventilation first, testing later and operation later;

2. Whether ventilation equipment, testing tools and individual protective measures are complete;

3. Whether the guardianship personnel, operation personnel, management personnel and rescue personnel have received professional training and passed the examination;

4. Who are the custodians and whether they are in full custody;

If there is any one does not conform to, directly refuse to sign, refuse to send the key!

Finally, the safety management personnel must go to the limited space operation site to confirm that the operation conditions meet before the operation.