Live Operation Of Low Voltage Equipment And Lines

Live Operation Of Low Voltage Equipment And Lines

May 07, 2019

Live operation of low voltage equipment and lines

1. Implement the maintenance tagout system, and implement the second kind of work ticket for the equipment stipulated by the factory

2. Employees' labor insurance articles of clothing conform to the norms

3. Good insulation performance of tools

4. Make insulation measures (insulation mat, insulation shoes, insulation gloves, insulation board, etc.)

5. At least 2 persons and more than 2 persons shall be assigned to monitor the live operation

6. Test the equipment and circuit before operation, and confirm the live parts, electrical equipment and circuit

7. No load operation

8. Take isolation measures and safety measures to keep the live parts apart

9. Work in height shall not be carried out on line

10. The insulation wrapping of the joint should be firm and reliable, and the insulation strength should be maintained without bearing tension;