Lock And Unlock Workflow

Lock And Unlock Workflow

Jul 23, 2019

Lock and unlock workflow

Remove the lock plate

(1) the locking personnel shall first clear all (maintenance) tools out of the working area of the equipment, restore all safety protection devices to their original positions, and then remove their own CARDS and locks and fill in the "unlocking record";

(2) lock personnel verbally inform all affected employees and other employees to terminate the isolation lock procedure;

(3) lock personnel must carefully check before starting the equipment to ensure that no one is in the dangerous area.

9. Notes

(1) safety lock and label must be used simultaneously.

(2) only the locked person has the right to remove the safety lock and label on the individual lock or collective lock box. Under special circumstances, it can be removed by others under his/her custody.

Locking and unlocking record requirements

1. Before operation, all locking points shall be specified in the list of Lockout tagout energy isolation points by the section leader or squad leader, and shall be posted in the lock box after being confirmed and approved by the technical person in charge of maintenance.

2. After the operation, the unlocking personnel must fill in the unlocking record before unlocking

6. Other requirements

1. The collective lock, individual lock and "dangerous forbidden operation" label of the workshop belonging to the equipment cannot be lifted when the work is not completed during shift change; The successor must first use his personal lock on the collective lock box of the workshop where the equipment belongs to, before the shift worker can release his personal lock; The person in charge of the shift must wait until the person in charge of the shift has locked the collective lock box in the workshop of the equipment, and the person in charge of the shift can release his personal lock.

2. The person in charge of the workshop and maintenance unit of the equipment shall assume the responsibility of locking after the shift is handed over, and shall check the locking procedures in progress.

3. Spare key for safety lock:

(1) it is forbidden to keep the spare key of individual lock. The spare key of collective lock should be handed over together with the release catalogue of locks and properly kept by each workshop section, so as to identify the ownership of safety lock.

(2) the new key is only used to replace the damaged old key. It is strictly prohibited to replace the lost key. When the lost key is determined to be unrecoverable, the personal lock must be returned to the workshop for updating records. The new lock is issued by the security department.

3. Spare key for safety lock:

(3) to borrow the spare key, the application form must be filled in and approved by the safety staff of our factory. The reserve key must be returned on duty. The line supervisor of the reserve key applicant is responsible for confirming the completion of the reserve key application form and the return of the key.

(4) all Lockout tagout personnel must be trained before they can work on site.