Lock Control Way

Lock Control Way

May 25, 2019

Lock control way

1. Separate lock control

When an authorized person needs to work on machines or equipment with one or more energy separation devices, the authorized person shall place a lock of relevant information on all energy separation devices.

2. Multiple locking control

When multiple authorized personnel need to operate machines and equipment with one or more energy classification devices, each authorized personnel shall place his/her personal lock and identification on the energy separation device.

3. Compound lock control

When more than one authorized personnel needs to operate the machine and equipment and there are the following conditions, compound locking control should be used: many energy separation devices or authorized personnel participate in the energy separation device is relatively not easy to access, the parts of the machine and equipment are interdependent and multiple correlation. In compound lock control, a person is given full responsibility and authority to isolate the machine and equipment in turn, so as to ensure the continuity of lock control and identification can be achieved through the use of key box. All keys for lock control are placed in a closed box, which is locked and closed by a special person with only one key.

When it is necessary to transfer the lock control right of isolation state to another person in charge, the person in charge should be informed of the ongoing work and other relevant information, and then the person in charge who takes over should put his own lock, and the person who leaves should remove his lock.