Lock Out Tag Out Propose 3

Lock Out Tag Out Propose 3

Nov 07, 2020

General Requirements

Prior to servicing or performing maintenance work on equipment, an evaluation of hazardous energy will be conducted.

When maintenance/servicing work is being performed by either company or contract personnel, all energy sources associated with the equipment must be locked and/or tagged in the position that isolates the employee(s) from the hazardous energy.  Whenever contract employees are scheduled to perform work covered by this procedure, both employers  must comply with the requirements.

Equipment that becomes unsafe to operate will be immediately taken out of service or isolated per this procedure.

Ensure all energy isolation activity is communicated to all affected personnel.

When isolations are being carried out consideration must be given to the impact on the overall process system if the equipment is taken out of service.

Lockout/tagout must be applied by a qualified and competent person.

Key Responsibilities

The responsible supervisor or designated alternate is responsible for ensuring that all equipment and energy sources are properly locked and tagged prior to starting work.

The authorized employee is responsible for verifying that identified equipment to be worked on has been de-energized and brought to a zero energy state before commencement of work