Lock Out/tag Out Training Manual 2

Lock Out/tag Out Training Manual 2

Nov 26, 2020

Lock out/tag out Training Manual 2

Whether you are doing routine maintenance or working alongside the machine, Lock out/tag out is a must whenever there is a possibility of personal injury:

Accidental start of equipment

Release of residual power sources

There are two situations where you must Lock out/tag out:

When you have to remove or avoid a protective device or other safety device

When a part of your body may be involved in a moving machine

Jobs that must Lock out Tag out:

Maintenance of electronic circuit breaker

Lubricate or clean equipment with moving parts

Clean clogged equipment

The OSHA standard allows every employer to use Lock out/tag out or both. Your responsibility is to follow OSHA standards and choose a system solution for your work environment.

Locks/tags by themselves do not stop the equipment immediately. Only when the power source of the device is completely isolated can the device be locked out/tag out.