Lockey-Lock For Your Safety

Lockey-Lock For Your Safety

Jun 16, 2018

About loto, there always exists some questions. Why should we lockout and tagout? What consequence can be caused if we don't lockout and tagout? 

Here is a case: Piper Alpha, one of the north sea's most productive oil platforms in Britain, exploded suddenly on July 6, 1988, killing 167 people in 45 minutes and sustaining 36 days of fires.


The cause of the accident is a pump without energy isolation, which the loto has been removed and the safety valve pump was started up as a backup pump. Thus, liquefied petroleum gas leaked from the blockage, causing a disastrous explosion.

The tradgy teaches us a profound lesson: Improper operation of the loto will result in many innocent lives and huge property loss.In another word, it's of great importance for each factory to lockout and tagout properly.

So here are Lockey's reminders of five error operations causing fatal injuries:

1.The machine is not closed before maintenance;

2.Do not completely disconnect the power source and other dangerous energy sources, then someone start up it accidentally;

3.Machines are not locked and  have no warning tag, then others up it by accident;

4.The rest of energy is not released;

5.Do not clean up the people and tools before restarting the machines.

Lockey hopes our clients can lockout and tagout properly to protect workers' lives and companies' property!