Lockey’s Summer Travel In Lishui

Lockey’s Summer Travel In Lishui

Jul 20, 2018

   It's a great pleasure that our company organized a 2 day and 1 night summer travel to Lishui, a scenic tourist destination with green hills and clear waters.


    The first destination of our tour was Yanxia stone village. All of the buildings in the village are made of stone and fresh breeze puffed across the stream. We fully enjoyed the local dishes and then we climbed the mountain to see the waterfall and walked across the bamboo forest.



     The next day, our schedule was quite full and busy. We visit small Red Cliff, Zhao Wu Shrine, Zhutan Mountain and so on to enjoy the charm of Lishui and experienced natural quietness, cleanness and simplicity that we haven’t felt it for a long time.

    The two days passed so quickly with the details of the trip still clear. This trip not only gives us a better chance to know each other, but let everyone's heart closer to become more united. Back from the travel of Lishui, our feelings and sense of belonging towards Lockey are obviously increased, and it seems that we have become a real big family!