Locking Measures For Dangerous Energy Isolation

Locking Measures For Dangerous Energy Isolation

Jun 27, 2019

Locking measures for dangerous energy isolation

3 · 1.1 "power plug" lock (use plug lock sleeve)

(1) when repairing and maintaining the equipment with power plug, the plug must be pulled out from the socket and locked.

(2 the energy isolation measures suitable equipment include: industrial exhaust fan, portable welding machine, welding roller frame displacement, welding, welding smoke filter, car type flame cutting machine, plate chamfering machine, pipe chamfering machine cutting, welding flux drying oven, drying oven, dehumidifier, grinding wheel cutter, dust grinder, vertical sawing machine, bench drill and magnetic drilling machine, manual plasma cutting machine, carbon arc air gouging, hydraulic test pump, mobile hydraulic torque wrench, radial drilling machine, electric lift car mobile cleaning machine, vacuum pump, industrial Ben absorption device, vacuum, spreader, micro heat regenerative dryer, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, horizontal packing machine thrust

(3) for the pressure test pump, mobile radial drilling machine, electric elevator, and mobile cleaning machine with hydraulic torque wrench, the hydraulic release must be carried out after the power plug is locked; For vacuum pumps and industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum chuck spreader must be released after the power plug is locked