Locking Of Electrical Equipment

Locking Of Electrical Equipment

Aug 13, 2019

Locking of electrical equipment

Personal locking of electrical equipment. 

When carrying out the maintenance of electrical equipment, the operator of electrical equipment shall implement locking and listing. When the maintenance of other equipment needs to be cut off, the electrical equipment involved shall be locked and listed by the operator of the electrical equipment, but the key shall be locked into the collective lock box of the territory. 

The electrical equipment is locked collectively. 

When collective locking is adopted, the key shall be put into the collective locking box, and the electrical equipment maintenance personnel shall lock the collective locking box. Do not have the condition of the electrical switch cabinet lock, switch cabinet key as a collective key lock, lock into the collective lock box, switch cabinet door on the warning sign.

Isolation instructions for electrical equipment. 

The main power switch is the main locking point of the electrical drive equipment, and the attached control equipment such as the field start/stop switch can not be used as the locking point. If the voltage is lower than 220V, and the power supply is connected by the plug, pull out the plug can be considered effective isolation, such as the plug is not in the line of sight of the staff, must be locked in the plug or listing. If the circuit USES the fuse/relay control panel power supply mode and cannot be locked, the fuse must be removed and the "dangerous/forbidden operation" sign must be hung.