Lockout Tag Buying Tips

Lockout Tag Buying Tips

Oct 16, 2017

Lockout Tag's buying tips
Lockout Tag, although not a small place, but played a big role, therefore, buy Lockout Tag is particularly important, Paode lock industry to remind the following aspects worthy of attention.
First, Lockout Tag material
Lockout Tag materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. Stainless steel high strength, corrosion resistance, do not change color, is the best lock material; copper more general, superior mechanical properties, higher prices; Lockout Tag high quality. Zinc alloy strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy to shape.
Lockout Tag uses zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, dedicated to providing consumers with high cost Lockout Tag. Long product life, beautiful appearance.
Second, Lockout Tag surface treatment
Surface treatment is roughly divided into three kinds of plating, spraying and coloring, Lockout Tag through the surface treatment in the product surface to form a layer of dense protective film, play a role in anti-corrosion and rust, lockout Tag more beautiful and durable. Dense protective film is also a measure of the quality of Lockout Tag, good quality Lockout Tag, more use of electroplating, smooth and smooth coating, even moderate, bright color, no bubbles, rust and oxidation signs.
Lockout Tag products on the surface of fine, high gloss, optional rich face, exquisite surface and wear. Its aluminum alloy plating level is the industry leader.
Third, Lockout Tag implementation of the standard
In general, the feeling of heavy lockout Tag, the quality is relatively high; lock body can not be exposed, exposed tip easy to hurt, in particular, should pay attention to Lockout Tag lock handle end, lock and lock body four corners; The Lockout Tag is flexible, with high sensitivity and long service life. Lockout Tag also exists in a variety of styles, we must pay attention and the style of indoor doors consistent.
The rapid development of pillar industries such as residential buildings, automobiles, high-end office buildings and hotels, as well as the defense, public security and financial systems, are increasingly optimistic about the demand for highly preventable Lockout Tag products. According to experts, Lockout Tag consumer market in the biometric technology, electronic technology and other high-tech products are still basically in a blank stage, but the market consumer demand for this demand every year is growing.
The lock enterprises have developed ic card electronic Lockout Tag, electronic password lock, encryption magnetic card Lockout Tag, floor intercom anti-theft system, valve Lockout Tag, etc., there are fingerprint lock. Because high-end Lockout Tag technology content is high, more prominent human nature, personalized features, so the product profit is relatively high.
At present, Lockout Tag market trends are mainly four.
First, the industrial design into the cultural, personalized taste of concern. Lockout Tag hardware on the market style, variety, variety, but really from a design began to be a variety of cultural connotation as a design concept into which is rare, so the first trend is in the lock body function on the New design to meet family needs. The user experience and product humanization more concerned about.
Second, the rise of intelligent lock smart hardware, at present, high technology and technology content of the smart lock, including password lock, ic card lock, fingerprint lock and so on because of its unique convenience, and the gradual maturity of the technology and the use of biometric Technical fingerprint lock, but also because of the unique fingerprint, can not be copied, easy to carry, do not forget, do not lose the characteristics of a broader market prospects. Bangfa Hardware Lockout Tag has never stopped this aspect of R & D innovation.
Third, Lockout Tag enterprises pay more attention to the details of the details of the product, the product quality improvement, from the details reflect the consumer taste, reflecting the understanding of the connotation of the product. Is to focus on technical and quality certification, so that product implementation standards and international standards. This is one of the more emphasis on consumers.