Lockout Tag The Common Safety Issues In Label Printing

Lockout Tag The Common Safety Issues In Label Printing

Jun 19, 2017

Lockout Tag the common safety issues in label printing
NO. 1 bad operating habits of the security risks
For all security killers, the power of this killer is the most powerful, while its concealment is the highest, the most difficult to overcome the index. Sticky Lockout Tag label custom
In the interview that more than 90% of the operators are due to the operation process does not follow the requirements of the operation led to the accident occurred. Here we will also list some of the bad habits of the sword, in order to sound the alarm for everyone.
1. Loaded version (loaded blanket)
Customary operation: the general number of rotary press plates, the operator used to two or more groups at the same time hanging version, to save time and improve work efficiency. At the same time sheet-fed offset press also has this phenomenon. In order to speed up the progress, and temporary installed version, the master also to help, that is, one person pressing, one move switch.
Security risks, installed version (loaded blanket), if two or more people at the same time, little attention, hand slip or unexpected machine failure, it is easy to involve the fingers, resulting in personal injury.
Precautions: (1) the installation of the work by a person can be, hand gently pinch the printing plate dragging and pad, to ensure that the layout is not scratched and padded flat, (2) installed in case of mistakes or Encountered "connected", hand to immediately release, do not hold the plate and hold. Because it is a regular car, will not produce much loss, if you hold hold, it will cause other accidents. (3) different models of different circumstances. If you really need to hand roll version, can be wiped in the layout of some talcum powder to prevent accidents.
2. Shovel ink
Customary operation, due to the needs of ink, the operator used to hand-held ink shovel on the roller running back and forth, the ink, ink or shovel ink roller on the excess ink.
Safety hazards, such as high-speed operation of the equipment, such operations are dangerous operations of multiple accidents, once the ink shovel angle pin offset or operation of the ink shovel encountered string of roller surface uneven, the ink shovel will be involved in the main string Ink roller and roller between the accident, ranging from bad printing plate or rubber roller, while the red rubber blanket or roller, even in the pull shovel in the moment due to rush and cause personal accident.
Preventive measures: (1) first heel to a firm, energy concentration, grip ink shovel, avoid looking around. (2) found that the amount of ink is not enough ink and must be manually add ink, the hands of the ink shovel must be clenched, and the small ink roller lift, until the roller stopped and then operate. (3) shovel ink, the ink shovel to the main string of ink as the basis, homeopathic leaning on the rubber roller, can not be floating, ink shovel and string roller contact angle can not be less than 45 °.
3. In addition to dirty
Habitual operation: whether it is a round machine or sheetfed offset press, often appear in the ink or rubber roller, paper off the sticky material in the plate part of the phenomenon. Affect product quality. At this time, the operator often in the machine running with your fingers to remove dirty.
Security risks: This operation is a dangerous operation of the violation, in the printing of the resulting accidents more. Operators in the case of high-speed operation of the machine to find quasi-dirty location and erase, the available time is quite short, and the size of the force can not be wiped off, only the early hand, with a strong ability to stick to the plate graphic (or ink roller) On the dirty points removed. A slight mistake, the finger is likely to enter the printing plate empty. If it is floating operation without relying on, it is likely to be a hand into the drum, resulting in rolling accident.
Precautions: (1) Regular inspection of all safety devices and main motor brake mechanisms of the machine on a weekly basis. To ensure that the machine is sensitive, reliable, and found the problem in time to repair.
(2) the operation should pay attention to, do not vacant operation, wipe dirty point, the palm of your hand must be against the plate cylinder and the rubber roller between the pull shaft, or against the water roller protection safety cover, with particular attention to the palm Rely on the force is greater than the force of the fingers wipe the dirty point. (3) If the dirty point too much impact printing, should stop checking, timely replacement of rubber roller or paper, ink, fundamentally solve the problem.
In the daily production, we must establish the safety of the first thought, to cultivate good operating habits, or in the event of an accident, product quality and economic benefits and so will be out of the question. Therefore, the bad operating habits are the biggest killers of security risks.