Lockout Tag The Requirements Of The Label

Lockout Tag The Requirements Of The Label

Jul 24, 2017

Lockout Tag the requirements of the label

When multiple people are empowered to perform the same task, each staff member has to perform their own Lockout Tag procedures, rather than expect them to be expected. Never be authorized to remove your Lockout Tag device. Only the device that has completed the Lockout Tag security device is operated.

When you are engaged in succession, you will not be able to remove the original locking device without authorization. You must wait until the next person to Lockout Tag in order to remove the original Lockout Tag. At the same time, the new replacement personnel must reconfirm whether the Lockout Tag is safe and reliable and can be operated after confirmation. Never place your security on someone else's Lockout Tag, always remember that your own Lockout Tag protects your own security.

Use the right Lockout Tag, for example, to lock is 3 inch pipe gate, and you is one of the existing five inches to 6.5 inches of gate safety Lockout Tag, please do not use does not match the Lockout Tag graph save trouble, should immediately to get the correct size of the locking tabs.

Make sure your Lockout Tag device is able to protect against its environment, such as moisture, corrosive, etc., otherwise it will lose its effect.

Lockout Tag and listing require a combination of actions, not substitutions. Since January 2, 1990, regardless of when to replace machine equipment, overhaul, modification, or innovation, no matter when installing a new machinery and equipment, the energy isolating device used for the machinery and equipment should be used in design to lock device.

The operator should at least once a year regular inspection ability control procedures, to ensure that the procedures and requirements of this standard are performed, and shall perform regular inspection by authorized employees, rather than by the test personnel perform energy control procedures. If there is a possibility of storing energy savings to a dangerous level, the isolation state should continue to be validated, only to repair or maintain completion, or this possibility does not exist.

Whenever external maintenance personnel are involved in the maintenance activities within this scope, the site operators and the external operators shall inform each other of their respective locking or listing procedures.

Locking TAB is to avoid the workers in for repair, maintenance, accidental start, abnormal start from machine and power release of danger, to protect the personal safety of workers. The key to locking the tag program is to cut off the connection between the machine and the power source, lock the power source, and release the residual power source.

Step 1: get ready to work

Prepare to shut down energy. There are common types of energy (electricity, mechanical energy, air, etc.). And its potential dangers. Put away the isolation protection device (secure Lockout Tag) and be ready to turn off the energy

Step 2: notice work

Notice the ongoing work of the operators and managers who may be affected by the isolation of the machine.