Lockout Tag With The Increasing Awareness Of People's Security Awareness

Lockout Tag With The Increasing Awareness Of People's Security Awareness

Jul 04, 2017

Lockout Tag With the increasing awareness of people's security awareness

With the increasing awareness of people's security awareness, a key Lockout Tag is clearly not enough to meet people's needs. In commercial aspect, in each big office areas have been used to swipe in and out of the office workers, and in addition to the company's financial security, some financial institutions or have higher requirements for security standard unit is to let lock label requirements, from simple unlock, development now "empowerment". Ordinary people at the same time also for the safe, comfortable household environment will have higher pursuit, lock label market share has a big rise in civilian space, will get rapid development.

Multiple technologies enhance security

So-called Lockout Tag set, Lockout Tag is the electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative recognition technology (including the computer network technology, the built-in software card, network alarm, mechanical design of the lock body) and other integrated products. Different from traditional mechanical locks, it is a more intelligent lock in user identification, security and management.

At present,Lockout Tag the more common lock label label in China includes lock, lock, Lockout Tag, etc. The keyboard type electronic code lock is the most widely used to lock labels, which is widely used in the banking industry. Keyboard locking tabs from the password Settings or input aspects are in constant innovation, has developed the "set arbitrary code," technology and the automatic change password "two set way, at the same time, there are" keyboard out-of-order display "and" multiple password set "input mode. Lockout Tag In terms of catering to the ever-increasing security requirements, this lock label is not only in the mainstream of the market, but also as an auxiliary input to other types of electronic security locks.

Another electronic security lock that USES the "card" as the key is the most active locked-label product in the current office area. This type of electronic security lock can be divided into contact CARDS and non-contact CARDS. The biggest advantage of Lockout Tag is to store large amount of information, in the face of the company, the enterprise demand for personnel management, card Lockout Tag can also enter personal information, truly achieves the effect of authentication, at the same time for different personnel authorized to set more facilitates the management of the enterprise. Unlike the traditional key, the card is lost, the system can only cancel the authorization, convenient and no worries.

Electronic anti-theft Lockout Tag is a commercial and civil aspect common locking tabs, its biggest characteristic is with the function of automatic alarm, has comprehensive advantages and characteristics of anti-theft lock and alarm. Once someone attempts to break in, the system will automatically call the alarm and turn on the automatic lockout. Higher-end products also feature automatic dial alarms.

Biometric security locks are electronic security locks that exploit people's biometric features (such as hands, eyes, sounds, etc.) as keys. The technology, which seems to have no intersection with daily life, is now widely used in the financial industry, and the Lockout Tag is thought to be promising in the civil market. The Lockout Tag also combines other electronic messages as a password when the requirement is extremely high. If you open the door with four kinds of functions, such as fingerprint, password, sensor card and electronic key, you can effectively guarantee the safety and minimize the risk of technology theft.