Lockout Tagout And Experiment

Lockout Tagout And Experiment

Jan 18, 2020

Lockout tagout and experiment

Padlock color code :(reference)

Green - instrumentation and electrical

Blue - machinery

Red - operation

Each padlock key is managed by the supervisor of each department.

Keys must be kept in a safe place.

Multilock hasp must be used when multiple departments need to start working on isolated equipment

A padlock must be fitted with a lock tag

Original - blue - kept on site

First copy - white - kept in control room permit coordination area

Second copy - pink - (if necessary, such as synchronization)

Energy isolation register

Energy isolation number

License number

The lock box no.

Equipment serial number

Time to lock and unlock

Main person in charge

Simple description

An important cause of disaster

1. Imperfect work permit system PTW mess

2. Lack of training

3. Insufficient analysis of hidden dangers

4. Poor quality of management decisions

5. Insufficient audit