Lockout Tagout And Maintenance Management Procedures

Lockout Tagout And Maintenance Management Procedures

Dec 03, 2019

Lockout tagout and maintenance management procedures


1. The responsible person shall notify the operator of the connecting machine or process to explain the reason for Lockout tagout.

2. If the machine is running, the operator should stop the machine through the normal stop step.

3. Explain the reason for the lock and tag on the workshop and related devices. Turn off the power of the starter and other power isolators. Close all valves to prevent the introduction of potential hazards such as steam, dangerous liquids and compressed gas.

4. Lock the starter and other power isolators reliably in the "off" position and lock, check and close all valves.

5. Group lock: when only one starting device drives other power isolation devices, one or more chains (located at the control operation) shall be placed on the device. Each person or maintenance unit shall add one of its own locks to the multiple chains. When more than one power isolator needs to be locked, the responsible person shall apply special group locks to lock all the power isolators involved. The keys to these locks should be placed in a group lock box, and each member of the group should put his or her own lock in the group lock box. Multiple chains can be used if necessary.

6. Hangtag: if the power isolation device cannot be locked, the hangtag indicates that the device cannot be opened. So the tag should get everyone's attention, especially those trying to open the power isolation.

7. Hang group: everyone working in a group should hang his or her own sign on the power isolator.

8. Note: only the Lockout tagout person has the right to unlock and delist after the work has been completed.

9. Check to make sure that no one can open the device from any start button or control panel.

10. Check and make sure that other procedures or mechanical hazards have been properly prevented. Carelessness or lack of vigilance is the underlying cause of the injury and all rotating machinery must be brought to a complete stop.

Permission for Lockout tagout should be posted in an obvious place around the lock pen to show that the device is now Lockout tagout. At this point can be cleaned, repair, installation and other work.

12. For the on-site operations of the outsourcing personnel, the relevant responsible departments shall send special personnel to perform the work of domestic slavery under the security conditions of the outsourcing project, and strictly implement these measures.