Lockout Tagout - Not To Remove Mechanical Failure Tag

Lockout Tagout - Not To Remove Mechanical Failure Tag

Nov 23, 2019

Lockout tagout - not to remove mechanical failure tag

At 8 o 'clock on October 6, located in rugao baipu town, nantong yinong bio-fuel co., LTD. Biomass multi-function crusher failure, 2 workers into the crusher troubleshooting; Another person unwittingly started the crusher, killing two of its workers. After the accident, the enterprise has been ordered to stop production for rectification. At the same time, according to the relevant provisions and requirements, the enterprise implementation of shingle supervision.

After the accident, the enterprise has been ordered to stop production for rectification. The occurrence of this accident has revealed that the main responsibility of the enterprise in production safety is not implemented and the safety management system has serious loopholes. Site safety management is not in place; The safety consciousness of the field workers is weak.

In order to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, the following requirements are put forward.

First, earnestly promote the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises. It is necessary to urge the major responsible persons of enterprises to earnestly perform the duties of the first person responsible for production safety, and establish and perfect the rules and regulations of production safety and the production safety responsibility system. Strengthen the safety training and education for employees of enterprises, and enhance the awareness and ability of employees to work safety. Enterprises should be urged to strengthen the safety management of inspection and maintenance operations, seriously carry out risk analysis, implement preventive measures, and implement the listing and supervision system for dangerous "tiger mouth" operations.

Second, earnestly carry out the work safety inspection. And relevant departments and units, enterprise should according to "about in the city's production safety inspection notice (tong AnWei [2017] no. 12) requirements, the road transportation, construction, hazardous chemicals, city gas, and other areas of the 20 industries, risk analysis, get the main direction, for hidden deeply and in detail, a comprehensive governance concerns, resolutely rid of all kinds of hidden dangers in the bud.

Third, a centralized warning education. Various areas should take various forms to actively carry out safety warning education. By deeply absorbing the problems exposed by domestic and local typical accidents and combining with the actual situation in the region, the main leaders of enterprises under the jurisdiction should be warned and educated, lessons learned from accidents should be practically drawn, risk prevention awareness should be enhanced, effective measures should be taken to reduce safety risks and eliminate hidden dangers completely.

Serious investigation and punishment of accidents and liability investigation. With respect to production safety accidents that have occurred recently, all localities and relevant departments shall, in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the state and in accordance with the principle of "four areas are not to be neglected", seriously carry out investigation and handling of accidents, seriously deal with units and personnel responsible for accidents, publish the results of accident investigation in a timely manner and accept public supervision. It is necessary to deeply analyze the deep-rooted problems exposed by the accident, put forward targeted preventive measures, and track and supervise the implementation of rectification.