Lockout Tagout Responsibilities

Lockout Tagout Responsibilities

Nov 09, 2019

Lockout tagout responsibilities:

Lockout tagout expert:

Responsible for PDCA process throughout the project

Establish LOTO management process and project implementation team and lead the team to ensure:

Each Lockout tagout device has a detailed Lockout and tag procedure :(tag)

Each plant maintains a list of LOTO authorized personnel;

All authorized personnel to obtain standardized Lockout tagout required locks and tags;

All authorized and affected personnel are properly Lockout tagout trained;

Employees can obtain the current valid version of the Lockout tagout program;

Carry out qualification verification and daily inspection of authorized personnel;

We will strengthen the SG Lockout tagout system and enforce the company's disciplinary rules for violators.

Responsibilities of EHS personnel:

Coordinate the Lockout tagout project;

Assist LOTO experts in general Lockout tagout training;

Regular inspection;

Record and control the company's general LOTO procedure files and specific Lockout tagout files of each equipment (such as LOTO tag).

Perform annual Lockout tagout project evaluation and update as necessary.

Responsibilities of equipment design and installation department:

Define detailed Lockout tagout requirements in the equipment specification, and clarify specific Lockout tagout requirements in EHS risk analysis before contract signing to ensure that the company has the function of Lockout tagout.

Pay attention to the contractor's Lockout tagout during the construction process to ensure the contractor's safety.