Lockout Tagout Seminar

Lockout Tagout Seminar

Jun 04, 2019

On December 6, 2013, a Lockout tagout seminar was held by nanjing university -ISC center for environment, health and safety in suzhou industrial district, jiangsu province.

Suzhou industrial park, safety supervision bureau, wuxi national hi-tech development zone safety supervision bureau for leaders and delivered a speech, from Shanghai to know Ann center consulting chief adviser, a senior EHS specialist Sun Hong, nanjing university, ISC environmental, health and safety center, a senior lecturer in yu-xia zheng as Lockout tagout time, in the international and domestic laws and regulations requirements, plant Lockout tagout execution and product selection to introduce essence, at the same time, EHS managers from three international companies Shared their valuable experience with Lockout tagout.

In addition, Lockout tagout procedures and action plans were discussed, including what needs to be Lockout tagout, energy sources and isolation devices, Lockout tagout operators, Lockout tagout procedures, Lockout tagout checklist, universal locking procedures, Lockout tagout unlocking procedures, etc.

There was no mandatory requirement, so why did about 130 people attend the seminar? Among them were EHS managers from the suzhou plant of world-renowned brands such as GE, GM, Pfizer, caterpillar, shell, 3M and Vesuvius. One participant, interviewed at random, replied that he had attended seminars on the same topic many times, but each time he learned something new, which was why they came in droves. Moreover, attending such a seminar, one can consult experts and communicate with peers, which provides a relatively perfect reference idea for solving specific problems that enterprises encounter in Lockout tagout, and is of great significance for improving the overall EHS level of enterprises. This is in line with the purpose of the nanjing university-isc center for environment, health and safety to hold such workshops to help solve the real problems of enterprise production.