Lockout Tagout Test Method

Lockout Tagout Test Method

Jan 04, 2020

Lockout tagout test method

Normal startup mode

Other unconventional modes of operation

Before the test, clean up the personnel and equipment in the area around the equipment

When testing, mask any restrictions that may prevent the device from starting or moving

For equipment with a test button, press the test button to confirm that the button is normal before cutting off the switch of the power box. After locking, confirm the test again to ensure that the power supply is indeed cut off

Test start or move equipment to ensure full control of hazardous energy and materials

"Test" the output of all security interlocks or automatic controls that may prevent the device from starting or moving is "zero"

Visual inspection

Whether the valve is closed; Play open all

The rotating equipment has stopped running; Verify that the component is disconnected and confirm

The stored dangerous energy has been removed or has been properly clogged


In hazardous energy removal, the pressure gauges should be observed to confirm that they are in working condition

When verifying isolation, people should be careful not to put themselves at risk or create additional hazards

For some work tasks that are exposed to electrical hazards, the power supply should be visually checked if possible

"Test before Touch" is short for "Test before release" and to Test for the presence of no voltage

Must be tested before touching any exposed contact

The main points of "pre-release test" are as follows:

Test the correct selection, purchase, calibration, maintenance and storage of equipment

Test every loop, every contact, every operation.

Verify the reliability of the instrument on a known power supply before and after the test.

Appropriate personal protective equipment

It is the responsibility of the supervisor in the area where the equipment is operated to inform the maintenance personnel and the contractor of the work hazards, lock conditions and test results

The operator checks each lock point carefully