Lockout Tagout- The Management Of Warning Signs

Lockout tagout- the management of warning signs

Warning signs shall be designed to be significantly different from other labels, and shall indicate the name of the employee, the date of lock and the reason. Warning signs should meet the requirements of the use environment and period of the lock.

The warning sign shall not be used for any purpose other than to mark out the isolation point.

Lockout tagout- key management

The reserve key shall be kept by the person in charge of the territory. No other person shall have access to the reserve key.

The spare key can only be used in the case of abnormal unlocking. It can only be implemented after being approved by the person in charge of the territorial unit or its authorized person.

It is strictly forbidden to make up the spare key without permission. Under special circumstances, it shall be approved by the person in charge of the territory and the application form shall be filled out. The spare key must be returned on duty.