Lockout Tagout-- Unlocks Improperly

Lockout Tagout-- Unlocks Improperly

Aug 08, 2019

Lockout tagout-- unlocks improperly

When the operation part needs to be unlocked in the emergency state, first consider using the spare key to unlock. If the spare key cannot be obtained in time, it can be unlocked in other secure ways with the consent of the responsible person of the territory (or its authorized person). Unlocking shall ensure the safety of personnel and facilities and shall promptly notify the Lockout tagout personnel after unlocking.

Contact the owner of the lock for confirmation

Make sure it is safe to remove the sign and lock

Lockout tagout- management of locks

The production and operation department of the company is responsible for the control and distribution of these individual locks and collective locks, and records the issuance of individual locks and collective locks.

Individual locks are kept by individuals, collective locks or lockers by territorial units.

Individual locks and keys shall be kept by the individual and shall be marked with the name or number of the user. Individual locks shall not be borrowed from each other.

Collective locks should be centrally kept and stored in a place convenient for access.