Lockout Tagout Validation

Lockout Tagout Validation

Dec 24, 2019

Lockout tagout validation

Why the regulation of Lockout tagout validation?

1. Many people in the group died due to uncontrolled energy while working in the machine or process

2. Working on powered devices is a high-risk activity and one of the leading sources of death and serious injury accidents

3. Everyone must understand the general terminology and core principles of hazardous energy control

Fatal accident review

Accident time - July 30, 2019

Location of accident - factory

1. Two contractor personnel died while repairing the cement mill. Operators will be no. 3 and no. 4 cement mill after the closure of the lock tag, to prepare for regular maintenance work. At 2:30, start no. 4 cement for testing. Two of them were in the no. 4 cement mill.

The accident showed that the plant took shortcuts in implementing energy isolation procedures. Also, the program is on paper, not actually locked to prevent power recovery.


Accident date - January 13, 2019

Location of accident - factory

2. The employee of the contract party carried out the cleaning operation when the belt conveyor was in operation. He was sandwiched between the end of the roller and the support, and died on the spot due to systemic fracture and internal bleeding.

Date of accident - October 18, xx

Location - factory

3. The contractor was caught in the belt while observing the feeding situation near the coal bunker feeding belt, his face and body touched the outer cover, and his arm was clipped by the belt roller.

Main causes of the accident:

Lockout tagout and validation procedures are not followed

Design defect causes human contact belt (insufficient isolation protection)

Actions to avoid disruption without regard to personal safety were encouraged (connived at) and the victim was too close to the belt.