Lockout, Tagout, Validation Procedures

Lockout, Tagout, Validation Procedures

Aug 29, 2020

Lockout, Tagout, validation procedures

1 identification and isolation

The dependency unit shall identify the source and type of all energy in the operation process, compile the "energy isolation list", which shall be confirmed and signed by both the tester and the operator, and then posted on the operation site after being reviewed by the project leader of the dependency unit.

According to the nature of energy and isolation mode to choose the matching disconnect, isolation facilities. The isolation of pipelines and equipment shall be implemented according to the relevant regulations of pipeline/equipment opening management; Implement relevant standards and regulations for electrical isolation.

2 Lockout and Tagout

According to the energy isolation list, select the appropriate lock for the isolation point that has been completed and fill in the "Danger! Do not operate "tag, Lockout, Tagout for all quarantine points. This label contains: label owner, name, date, unit, short description.


The territorial unit and the operating unit shall jointly verify that the energy has been isolated or removed after Lockout and Tagout. If either party has any doubts about the adequacy or integrity of the lock or quarantine, it may request that all quarantines be checked again. Confirmation may be made, but is not limited to:

(1) Before releasing or isolating energy, the pressure gauge or liquid level meter should be observed to be in good working condition; By observing the pressure gauge, visual mirror, liquid level gauge, low point guide, high point vent and other ways, comprehensively confirm that the stored energy has been completely removed or effectively isolated. Other hazards should be avoided during the confirmation process.

(2) Visually confirm that the connection has been disconnected and the equipment has stopped running.

(3) For work tasks with electrical hazards, there should be an obvious disconnect point, and no voltage has been tested.


(1) When testing is possible, the territorial unit shall test the equipment in the presence of operators (such as pressing the start button or switch to confirm that the equipment is no longer running). During the test, the interlock device or other factors that would hinder the validation should be excluded.

(2) If it is confirmed that the quarantine is invalid, the local unit should take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of the operation.

(3) Temporarily start the operation of the equipment during the work (such as trial operation, test and power transmission, etc.). Before resuming the work, the tester of the territorial unit shall confirm and test the energy isolation again, fill in the energy isolation list again, and both parties shall confirm and sign.

(4) In the process of work, if the personnel of the operation unit put forward the retest confirmation request, it shall be confirmed and approved by the person in charge of the project of the dependency unit before the implementation of the retest.