Locks And Brand

Locks And Brand

Dec 05, 2019

Lockout tagout and maintenance management procedures

Locks and brand

All workshops and departments of the plant shall have at least one special lock and tag. Management and maintenance personnel should have more locks and hangers to help lock and hangers. There is more than one motor for each equipment. Locks and hangers are required, and locks and hangers are required for other related equipment (such as valves).

The department's locks and plates shall be in the charge of the workshop, the department's director or a special person. Keep a detailed file of the lock and tag and use records (use records should indicate the use, time, and person in charge). If the lock and tag are lost or cannot be used for any reason, report to your supervisor immediately.


Every employee in the plant should be trained to identify dangerous forces, power types, sizes, isolation and control methods. All employees should know that Lockout tagout devices are not allowed to start. New employees should be trained in the Lockout tagout procedure before starting work. Retrain at least once a year. Retraining and retraining are necessary when employees are transferred within the company.

Each employee shall conduct Lockout tagout training and shall keep training records.

The amount of energy that can persist after the device is isolated. Such as energy contained in a spring, flywheel, pressure fluid or gas, capacitor, or weight.