LOTO About The Accident

LOTO About The Accident

May 27, 2020

LOTO about the accident

Reasons to ignore LOTO

Environmental factors:

1. Mechanical design: it may be difficult or impossible to LOTO on certain machines/equipment, especially older equipment.

2. House management: the energy isolation device is blocked or inaccessible.

Personnel factors:

1. Lack of awareness: employees are not aware of the LOTO program.

2. Overconfidence: the employee believes that he or she can complete task 2 on a system that is powered on without risk.

3. Pride: the employee believes that if he doesn't take the time to get in touch with the energy source, he can finish the task faster or better.

4. Other priorities: for example, when the shift is about to end, the employee thinks that executing LOTO will make him late because of other things after work.

Management factors: poor implementation: LOTO plan was made but not implemented.

Missing LOTO programs/devices: it is difficult to execute LOTO without a LOTO program or without associated equipment.

Mechanical design: after removing the energy source of the system, maintenance will result in loss of benefits and time.