Oct 15, 2019

LOTO case

Statement of the incident: a 17-year-old student in Canada took a summer job operating a conveyor belt to take waste paper boards to a baler for packing. The conveyor belt got stuck in a jam at work. He climbed onto the packing machine to remove the box that had become stuck. Then the conveyor belt suddenly started running again. Unfortunately, the young man was dragged in and lost his legs.

Analysis: the machine was not closed and locked when maintenance was carried out.

Countermeasures: policies and training - develop and implement LOTO, as non-maintenance workers, not perform maintenance work.

Press LOTO, 1. Close the machine, 2. Disconnect the power, 3. Lock before maintenance.

Lockout VS Tagout 

The difference between Lockout and Tagout:

(only listing does not implement the lock, in a specific case back to violate mandatory national standards, the employer, employees need to bear legal responsibility!)

Thing in common:

Both are security measures used in temporary downtime such as maintenance, cleaning, etc. Only authorized persons can perform both

Differentia: the Tagout sign is easy to be damaged in the natural force, move out of the Tagout is easy to be removed listing can not prevent the wrong action, listing is just a warning measure, can not do the facility itself in a safe state.