LOTO Domestic Regulations

LOTO Domestic Regulations

Oct 17, 2019

LOTO domestic regulations

Hg23012-1999 safety regulations for working in plant equipment

4. Safety requirements for operation within the equipment

4.1 safety isolation

All pipes and holes on the equipment connected to the outside world should be effectively isolated from the outside world. The power supply connected with the outside world on the equipment should be cut off effectively.

4.1.1 pipe safety isolation can be achieved by inserting blind plate or removing a section of pipe. It is not allowed to replace blind plate or pipe with water seal or valve.

4.1.2 when the power supply is effectively cut off, measures such as removing the power fuse or locking the power switch after pulling it down can be taken, and warning signs should be added.

Guidelines for safety design of electrical equipment

4.10.3 measures to prevent false start

For installation, maintenance, inspection, need to look for dangerous areas or human parts (such as hands or arms) need to be inserted.

Equipment in dangerous areas must be prevented from misstarting. This requirement can be met by:

A. First force the power input of the dividing device;

B. master switch with multiple latches in the "off" position;

C. Control or interlocking elements are located in the hazardous area and can only be blocked or started here;

D. with removable switch key.