LOTO Implements Key Action Decision 2

LOTO Implements Key Action Decision 2

Apr 13, 2020

LOTO implements key action decision 2

Key action decision 2: distinguish between authorized and affected personnel - avoid confusion with the organizational, planning, and execution responsibilities of LOTO's expertise and management

The execution and management of LOTO needs to be organized and planned. Authorized personnel are needed in the factory to ensure the quality of work in key links. By professional people to do professional things, give LOTO authorized personnel full formal authorization ceremony can express their professional recognition. In the past, our experience was that LOTO authorized employees could only be authorized after the general manager's face-to-face questions and approval, and issued a private lock and a tag. Later, this lock was a symbol of the identity of the authorized employee. Generally LOTO lock manufacturers are equipped with a variety of different colors and different specifications of locks, one of the purposes is to facilitate the implementation of LOTO differential control. In LOTO implementation and to define the role of the affected personnel, in addition to this part of the personnel needs to be completed LOTO awareness training, and responsible for the supervision and LOTO of responsibility form the employees to participate in the scene atmosphere, if authorized personnel perform LOTO or incomplete, no affected personnel can according to the potential safety hazard risk even zhao to report near misses, the operator of the LOTO breach in severe cases may be expelled.