LOTO Implements Key Action Decision 3

LOTO Implements Key Action Decision 3

Apr 15, 2020

LOTO implements key action decision 3

Critical action decision 3: hazardous energy identification and equipment LOTO exclusive program (ESP) management

This is a very important part of equipment and machine management in LOTO's implementation management project. One of the key points of safety management is hazard identification. The design of a complete equipment LOTO exclusive program (ESP) is based on the identification of all dangerous energy sources and the identification of relevant isolation points, so as to facilitate the operation of our LOTO authorized personnel when performing LOTO. Better practices include clear identification with equipment layout drawing or equipment photos, etc., and the location of corresponding isolation points on the site should be set corresponding unified visual identification, which can be distinguished from the color or shape. Equipment LOTO exclusive program (ESP) this is used as a guidance document for authorized personnel to execute LOTO to unify the description information of specific requirements of LOTO implementation. On this ESP, there will be specific information about the hazardous energy sources associated with the equipment, including dimensions, types, quantities, isolation point locations, potential secondary energy storage, methods of release or control, and means of final verification of zero energy security, as well as specific hazards associated with the equipment. While some customers only use a lock to lock the main power switch on site, LOTO is not just a safety lock for electricity, but applies to all dangerous energy sources.