LOTO Implements Key Action Decision 4

LOTO Implements Key Action Decision 4

Apr 18, 2020

LOTO implements key action decision 4

Key action decision 4: LOTO implementation - zero energy verification, key step focus verification

Once, a customer general manager of mine was very happy when he saw the staff using LOTO locks and hangtags in the maintenance of equipment during the on-site inspection. His understanding was very simple. LOTO's existence is the embodiment of security control. Usually we carry out safety inspection, often focus on hidden dangers, and in fact, safety should be shown in the scene of the state, not out of the inspection of the problem. In reality, we often find that the visualization of safety control measures is difficult to get a good show, and the by-product safety risks in production are often taken out for review. Can we think about it the other way around and find that the hidden danger is just the lack of security control, so that the security can perfectly display the visual management results brought by LOTO lock and listing? How do you know if LOTO is being executed? Our account manager often asks how to tell if dangerous energy is locked in. In fact, when the employee can introduce his work content and verification method of LOTO in detail, we will know that his safety control of the dangerous energy involved in the maintenance task is orderly and can be implemented, which is also reflected in the zero energy verification requirements in the process of LOTO's implementation.

LOTO, as a very good management practice, has become a recognized good practice in safety management in the industry. Some companies talk about LOTO before maintenance. LOTO, as a workflow, can be well integrated into the production and operation activities of an enterprise, and has become an embodiment of the enterprise's risk defense capability.