LOTO Requirements And Considerations

LOTO Requirements And Considerations

Apr 11, 2020

LOTO requirements and considerations



Locks and tags should be able to meet site environmental requirements and remain intact for the maximum expected exposure time. The manufacture and printing of hangings shall ensure that they are not easily damaged or blurred, especially in corrosive or humid environments.



Locks and tags should be standardized in color, shape and size, and hangtags must be printed in a uniform format and form.



Locks and tags should be light enough to prevent them from falling off prematurely or accidentally. The sticker must be disposable or self-locking.


But the recognition

Locks and tags should be easy to identify. Taging must play a warning role, should include "prohibit start", "prohibit open", "prohibit close", "prohibit close", "prohibit operation" and other legend or text.


Matters needing attention

Can carry on the energy lock the operation must lock, can carry on the multi-person lock must carry on the multi-person lock;

Each employee must have absolute control over the padlocks they use, and not allow one employee to open someone else's lock at the same time;

Multiple locks and buckles should be used to ensure that each operator has effective control of energy.

If the condition is restricted and the lock cannot be locked, the operator shall be assigned to monitor and the warning board shall be hung before the operation.