LOTO Training Knowledge

LOTO Training Knowledge

Jul 14, 2020

To enhance staff safety awareness and operation skills, ensure employees have engaged in the job required knowledge of production safety, carry out safe production regulations and harmful factors on discerniblile and protection, prevent the happening of safety accidents, ensure the safety in production, improve work efficiency, improve the staff overall quality, to ensure the safety of repair work smoothly, after gasification plant to carry out the energy isolation training, for the purpose of energy isolation and way, way and makes a detailed explanation.

Training participants include directors of gasification workshop, managers of gasification workshop and shift operators.

To attach great importance to the training in order to let everyone fully grasp the training content, workshop safety personnel with four classes of safety personnel in advance to collect pictures, material, case, making courseware, have done a lot of preparation for this training, class four security officer Yang Zhen detailed explanations for everyone, we've learned to security locks, use, principle and the classification of the labeling requirements, to implement energy isolation. Energy isolation requires a process of "identification before locking, identification of hazard isolation, signing of lock list, confirmation of hazard isolation, and communication of test". Strict control is carried out layer upon layer to ensure effective isolation of energy and safety of operation process.

Workshop safety officer and participate in the training personnel to interact, let everyone put their doubts, he explained to you one by one. Everyone thought actively, in the process of maintenance may encounter energy isolation problems were asked questions and received one by one answers. Through this training, all of them have a further understanding of energy isolation, which lays a solid foundation for the future production of a safe and stable long cycle.