LOTO Work Changes

LOTO Work Changes

Dec 07, 2019

LOTO work changes

1. When the repair work needs to continue to the next shift, the following steps must be completed:

The next supervisor will arrange for the repairs to continue. The previous staff and the next staff handover, take their own locks and CARDS; The next crew adds their own locks and hangers for power isolation and returns to the work station to check whether the equipment has been fully Lockout tagout, and then continues to repair.

If repair work is interrupted for some reason (e.g. lack of spare parts, etc.), the repairman shall obtain a permanent lock from his supervisor and replace his own lock with a permanent lock. He could not change his lock again until he resumed the repairs and returned the permanent lock to the supervisor. Under no circumstances shall the device be unlocked unless the device is ready to start immediately.

Return to normal operation

1. When all repairs and cleaning have been completed, make sure all tools and materials have been taken out and check that all personnel have left the equipment.

2. Remove the lock and tag from the starter.

3. Check and debug the equipment as necessary to ensure that all personnel, tools and materials have left the running parts.

4. Relock the starter.

5. Cover with protective cover, open starter, and remove locks and hangers from valves and other power isolators. Check again around the device, make sure it is reliable, the device is safe to operate.