Aug 08, 2020

LOTOTO step 1 = preparation

Authorized Personnel:

Check work order.

Introduction before work is carried out

Inspection vehicle MEP- specialized HECP.

Register and complete LOTOTO permit approval in the locking book at the operator responsible for the start and stop of the equipment in the central control room.

LOTOTO step 2 = inform

The authorizer/responsible person informs the relevant affected person

Inform MEP that they will be quarantined.

Recommend to a safe location.

Advise not to operate MEP

LOTOTO Step 3 = Turn off/stop the device

The authorized person

Turn off/stop equipment/cut off power:

- Perform power shutdown according to the HECP of the equipment

LOTOTO step 4 = Quarantine

Make sure all energy isolation devices are in place so that the MEP is completely isolated

Do not use MEP operations for isolation.

The isolation device is provided with a locking device.

Visually inspect the isolation device for disconnection/absence of isolation.

LOTOTO step 5 = Lock

1. Simple locking:

Each authorized person applies his own lock directly to the energy isolation unit.

Must include: lock + information card for each authorizer.

2. Responsible for locking:

The person in charge of the field operation shall open the centralized locking box on the site and lock all the locking points required by HECP (the electrician shall be accompanied to enter the electrical room).

The key returns to the lock box, and the person in charge shrinks the lock in the lock box.