LOTOTO Stop The Device

LOTOTO Stop The Device

Dec 05, 2020

LOTOTO stop the device

Stop the device following the operational control procedure.

Follow proper procedures to avoid danger to personnel when equipment stops.

The supervisor and all relevant personnel (including authorized and affected personnel) shall understand the reason for stopping the equipment and the types and quantities of all hazardous energy sources associated with the equipment.


Isolation of hot/liquid/gas systems with pressure

For isolation of chemical/heat/liquid/gas systems with pressure and fluidity, valve closing, cut-off, locking and empting should be performed (these systems should also be powered off to the relevant motor or pump), but at least double isolation should be used for the cases listed below

To enter a restricted space that requires permission to enter;

The presence or past presence of flammable materials;

Materials with a PH<2 or PH>12 are present or have been present;

Pressure greater than 100PSI (5,171.5mmHg) exists or has existed;

A temperature greater than or equal to 140 degrees F (60 degrees F) exists or has existed;

Presence or past presence of oxidants, cold temperatures or toxic substances;

Presence or past presence of harmful bacteria or viruses (e.g., cooling towers);