Maintenance And Repair Vehicle

Maintenance And Repair Vehicle

May 02, 2019

Maintenance and repair vehicle

1. In addition to the failure of the big car to operate, the driving stops at the position of the maintenance platform.

2. Drive up and down after the vehicle stops.

3. Cut off the power supply of the vehicle, and set "no maintenance during operation" on the power box.

4. Maintenance by two or more persons shall not be carried out by one person.

5. No live operation is allowed. Check the electricity before operation, and check the maintenance after confirming no electricity.

6. All electrical tools must have reliable insulation before use.

7. Electricians must take good insulation measures before operation, and keep good lighting on the work site.

8. It is forbidden for maintenance workers to touch the strike wire with their hands and feet in electric welding operations.

9. Install leakage protector on mobile appliances and lamps, and the lighting power supply voltage shall not exceed 36V.

10. The primary and secondary insulation of the welding machine is intact, and the power cord and welding gun are not exposed or damaged.

11. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders must be kept at a safe distance of more than 5 meters, and oxygen and acetylene cylinders should be kept away from the ignition point.

12. Welding machine welding wire, electrical equipment wire source and oxygen, acetylene hose is not wound together.

13. Tools shall be placed in the designated place during maintenance. Tools shall not be thrown during transmission. Tools shall be counted after work.