Maintenance Blackout Operation Instruction

Maintenance Blackout Operation Instruction

Mar 10, 2020

Instruction on operation of equipment maintenance blackout in coal washing plant

1. Scope of application of this instruction: daily maintenance, regular maintenance, overhaul, emergency repair and emergency rescue of equipment in coal washing plant.

2. Equipment maintenance must implement the power failure listing system (no telephone contact allowed). When the maintenance personnel enter the machine, there must be a special person to monitor the machine, and the power failure device should be locked, and the key should be taken by the staff who enter the machine.

3. Equipment installation and maintenance personnel shall strictly observe the safety operation rules of each type of work; The workshop shall confirm the person responsible for equipment maintenance, and the electrician shall stop power transmission. The person responsible for maintenance shall fill in the "contact list of power cut off and transmission", and the electrician shall issue and collect the power cut off license. Power distribution room, distribution point power supply and distribution maintenance inspection, switching operation, reverse cut, etc., but also need to deal with the first or second kind of operation ticket.

4. Power failure listing process:

4.1 the maintenance person shall go to the power distribution room to get and fill in the power failure card, and fill in the contact list for power outage. 

4.2 before maintenance, the maintenance responsible person shall send the emergency stop button on the hanging site of the first power failure plate to the dispatching laboratory (signed by the dispatcher on duty), the second power failure plate to the dispatching laboratory (signed by the dispatcher on duty), the third power failure plate and the contact list of power stop and power transmission signed by each unit to the electrician of power stop and power transmission operation. If other units are involved, a fourth blackout sign is required and signed by the duty officer.

4.3 power failure operation: the power failure operator electrician shall store the "contact list of power failure and transmission" in the power distribution room and distribution point on file and record. The power failure operator electrician shall hang the third power failure plate (signed by the maintenance responsible person, the dispatcher on duty, the power failure operator electrician, and the duty director of other units) on the handle of the power failure switch. Then power off and pull out the drawer.

4.4 power transmission operation: the maintenance supervisor shall collect the first and second power failure plates and send them to the power distribution room. The power failure operator electrician shall fill in the power transmission record. Then pick up the third block of blackout, restore power.

4.5 power failure operation union thin, storage of three power failure CARDS.

4.6 end of shutdown operation.